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...Hey Y'all! I was chatting with a friend the other day, discussing possibilities for future NCIS episodes, and I came up with this fic that she helped to inspire (Thanks, Kate! ;) Hehe)! This is only Chapter One... Hope you all enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Title: "Inheritance: Chapter One"
Author: abe16kidbosco
Word Count: 849
Summary: A family member spontaneously shows up at NCIS Headquarters to make an unexpected delivery.
Author's Notes: I am Tony DiNozzo's keeper. *Gets headslapped* Huh? Was I dreaming again? ...Okay, fine- NCIS and Tony DiNozzo don't belong to me, and I do not own the rights to them sadly. ;) I just like playing with them. ;) ...All ideas belong to abe16kidbosco @ stokesfanficz, so please don't plagerize! This fic was inspired by the one and only KATE! You're the best, girl! :) ...Oh yeah, and this is completely un-beta'd. :)

"I said I want to see my son!" A man raised his voice, anger in his eyes. Tony knew that voice. He knew that voice a little too well. His stomach turned and he walked towards where the commotion was coming from.

"I know him," Tony assured the guard. The man with the badge looked between the two similarly-looking men, then nodded understandingly, walking away.

"Son," the older, shorter man spoke.

"Anthony," Tony replied, refusing to acknowledge him as his father.

"I see you haven't changed in the last fifteen years."

"Likewise. Wait," Tony paused, leaning in to examine the man's head, "Nope. I'm wrong! You've got a few more gray hairs!" He forced a laugh and stepped back, giving them both their own space. "Why are you here?"

Before the older DiNozzo had a chance to answer, Gibbs emerged from behind the elevator doors.

"Problem, DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned as he approached the two men, noticing Tony fidgeting a lot more than usual.

"No problems, Boss. We're good. Aren't we, Anthony?" Tony glared, trying to hold down his lunch. Of course, the man would have to come around on the holidays and make things miserable for him, just like he always did.

"Boss? You're his boss and you let him act the way he acts?"

"Excuse me? You are...?"

"Anthony DiNozzo, Senior."

"Ahh. Right. Heard a lot about you," Gibbs smirked, studying the man. He didn't like him already. "Somethin' I can assist you with, Mr. DiNozzo?"

"I just need to speak with my son... In private."

"Nothing is private around here. You need to speak with him, you can do it with me here."

"Boss," Tony said quietly as he turned, locking eyes with Gibbs. Gibbs knew Tony would be okay now.

"You need anything, Tony, you call. Ya hear me?"

"Loud and clear," the younger man nodded, his eyes now locked on his father's.

The eldest DiNozzo watched as Gibbs walked away, fully aware that the older agent would be lurking. Obviously, he was protective of the younger man, but he couldn't figure out why.

"Good. Now, where were we? Oh, that's right. You wanted to know why I was here."

"I'm listening," Tony snarked.

"I owe something to you." The man pulled out a check and handed it to Tony. "It's your inheritance."

Tony's eyes widened as he observed the amount on the check. He'd never handled that much money before, let alone that big of an amount of his own.

"Why are you doing this?"

"You've made something of yourself. I don't approve. You should've been a football star, but you screwed that up, just like you screwed up everything else in your life. I want you to have this now, though, even If you are still a spoiled brat."

"No," Tony shook his head, "this is your money. You cut my ties a long time ago. Do you really think I'd want any part of this money now?" He swallowed hard at the lump in his throat, clenching his fists.

"Like I said, still a spoiled brat. I try to do something nice for you and you want to throw it all away, just like you always did."

"You threw me away, Dad! Do you think I wanted to be your slave? Do you think Mom deserved to live the life you put her through? Granted, she was about as messed up as you are," he paused, quickly gathering his thoughts. "What about my scholarship, huh? Remember how angry you were when I busted my knee, like it was my fault, just like everything else always was?"

McGee and Ziva peeked over the dividers of their desks, eyes wide, observing the fight. Gibbs stood idly by, ready to jump in at a moment's notice, if Tony needed him. He was doing a pretty good job of holding his own, Gibbs thought.

"I'm glad you can finally admit that things were your fault, Anthony," the older man smirked. "You always did have a difficult time accepting that fact. Enjoy your inheritance."

As his father began to walk away, Tony ripped the check in half. "I never had an inheritance, and I sure don’t want one now."

Tony's father turned around. "You're an ungrateful son-of-a--,” Gibbs promptly cut him off.

"Hey!" Gibbs interjected.

"I said we're fine here, Boss!" Tony retorted, his breathing heavy. He glared at his father, holding his gaze for a moment, and shook his head. "You can’t buy love."

Just then, Tony swiftly walked towards the elevator. McGee and Ziva began to follow him and Gibbs ordered them to stop with a raise of his hand. Gibbs looked the eldest DiNozzo in the eye, his voice firm, commanding, and unwavering, yet quiet, "We’re not finished."

Gibbs hurried for the elevator, entering sideways as the doors began to close on him. When they shut, he flipped the switch. "Talk to me," he ordered softly.

"Nothin' to talk about, Boss," Tony replied as he flipped the switch back to its proper position, his eyes quickly connecting with the floor lights above the doors.
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